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Bold Botanica

By James “Slim” Miles


I have worked in the natural products industry for 30 years now. I have watched it go through many dramatic changes during that time; some good, some not so good. My tenure started in a small family owned store in 1990 in Burlington, Vermont; Origanum Natural Foods. Just in the last 20 years, herb industry sales have more than doubled, from 4.2 Billion dollars in sales to 9.6 Billion annually. Back in the early days of this industry, there were only a handful of companies and it was mostly a labor of love. No one “back in the day” could foresee the magnitude of growth or what was to come. While it was considered fringe 30 years ago, now, well into the 21st century, there are almost too many companies to count who sell natural and botanical products.

Having studied with phenomenal herbalists and plant pharmacologists, and worked for stellar organizations in the industry, such as Alfalfa’s Markets, the Himalayan Institute, Gaia Herbs, Wild Oats and BriarPatch Co-op, I have been trained to spot, support and produce quality. I also can spot the absence thereof. Just because something is “natural” (more on that in future blogs) doesn’t mean that it is a quality item.

As both a consumer and product developer and formulator, I am quite often disappointed with selections that are available when buying products. I willingly admit and own it . . . I am a quality snob. I believe the human body is a biological temple for the soul. This is one major reason we have started a new botanical label in the natural products space; we couldn’t find products that met our high expectations and delivered the quality, potency and overall standards we were looking for.

Potent is Bold. Not all herbal and natural products are the same. Many are not even close to being the same. We believe in thoroughly testing our botanical materials prior to using them (for identity, purity, strength and composition), and sourcing them from sustainable and ethical growers and producers. We also primarily use extracts and not crude/raw herb. This allows us to produce products that are uncompromisingly “clean,” quite concentrated, and . . . potent. Bold.

Since the time I started in the industry, the world has gone through many changes also. With the invention and use of the internet and so many advances technologically speaking, navigating through life has become simultaneously easier. . . but also harder in many ways. Sustaining life for approximately 7.9 Billion humans has taken a toll on the planet earth.

  • 6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihood
  • 80,000 acres of forest disappear from the earth every day
  • 46% of the world’s forests are already destroyed
  • 15% of greenhouse gas emissions are the result of global deforestation

These are just a few of the reasons we made the decision to partner and affiliate with a non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation: One Tree Planted -One Tree Planted | Tree Planting Charity: One Dollar Plants One Tree 

This is our cornerstone promise to you: “You buy a bottle, We plant a tree.” Every time you buy a Bold Botanica product, Bold Botanica will plant a tree directly on your behalf through One Tree Planted. 

365 reasons why Bold Botanica – the planet is our collective home, 365 days every year . . . without it, where will we live? You can help by supporting products and companies that support the planet and strive to make a difference. We as humans have only one body and that body has only one home – Mother Earth. We can help you take care of both – your body and your earth.


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James "Slim" Miles

James “Slim” Miles – is a 30 year veteran of the natural products industry, Phytotherapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, a co-founder of Bold Botanica, and VP of Innovation & Science at Employee Owned Apotheca, Inc.


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