“The Earth is what we all have
in common.”

Wendell Berry

Bold Botanica cherishes our divine Mother Earth and we strive to show that love for nature not only through our products, but through our impact on the environment. At Bold Botanica a commitment to environmental stewardship is core to our ethos. This is why we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to support the brilliant mission of global reforestation. We plant a tree for every bottle sold.

How to reduce the severity of climate change?

Plant trees,

lots of them

Trees, And All Plants,remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. While not a solution by itself, reforestation can buy us time. Planting billions of trees could reduce atmospheric carbon by 25%. Anyone can plant a tree, and we can do it today.

Responsible Sourcing

At Bold Botanica, we believe in responsible sourcing, at the heart of our formulations are the right ingredients; we never “outsource” our sourcing or use “whatever is available.” We carefully balance the goals of strength and potency with purity and sustainability.

We use certified organic ingredients wherever possible

We strive to find ingredients from suppliers that have their own farms or have direct partnerships with local farmers

When sourcing raw herbs we partner with organic or regenerative farmers

We use clean, Non-GMO ingredients and extracts made without harmful chemical solvents

We seek out ingredients with no excipients, or when necessary, with organic, non-corn based excipients

We package in glass, which is endlessly recyclable, and our cartons are made from 100% recycled paperboard

Regenerative Farming

Beyond Sustainability

Healthy soil is a complex web of life containing organic matter and nutrients that support the microbes that in return, support the plants. The focus of regenerative farming is to heal and regenerate the soil and create a healthy soil micro-biome.

In the last 40 years, 30% of the world’s cropland has been lost, and 75 billons tons of healthy soil is lost each year. Soil degradation threatens future food supplies and contributes to climate change. It takes nature 500 years to create 1 inch of topsoil, but through regenerative farming we can dramatically increase that process and bring soil back to life.

Healthy soil not only preserves our precious farmland and produces healthier, more nutritious crops, but it also sequesters carbon dioxide in the soil, removing it from the air. Through regenerative farming, we can heal the planet and feed the world.