“Be bold, proclaim it everywhere:
They only live who dare.”


The Bold Difference

Bold Ingredients

We search the globe for the purest, best, boldest, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Only the finest. At Bold Botanica we use only the purest ingredients extracted with the most advanced methods while preserving the plants’ innate wisdom expressed in its chemical profile. We are committed to using certified organic and/or responsibly sourced ingredients. Our products are free from GMO’s, harmful chemical solvents, synthetic flavors, or fragrances. With a commitment to regenerative farming we seek to support ecologically responsible practices while creating innovative products.

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Bold Strength

You don’t have to wonder if our products are strong–we’re Bold Botanica.

As seasoned herbalists we understand the science of unlocking the plants inherent healing potential. We use the correct plant parts harvested at the best time for awakened potency. Except in rare cases, we believe in using extracts, rather than raw herb, for their higher bio-active concentration and bio-availability. We use extracts with stronger weight-to-volume ratios and bio-active markers. At the same time we balance strength with a commitment to preserve the synergy of the full profile of the plant’s active constituents and the use of safe extraction methods without harmful chemical solvents.

Bold Quality

We test each ingredient and every batch for purity and safety.

Our products are manufactured in FDA registered, cGMP compliant facilities. With 30 years of extensive experience in Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs, we maintain strict adherence to all GMP and regulatory requirements. We have a rigorous supplier approval system and we independently validate vendors’ certificates of analysis. Every batch of each ingredient and finished product is tested for identity, purity, strength and composition. If you’ve heard the myth that “the supplement industry is unregulated”, we’d love for you to talk to our talented Quality Assurance team.

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Bold Intention

We create products to help you live a bold life, and we boldly believe we can make the world a better place while doing it.

At Bold Botanica, one of our core values is service. While making great products we seek to give back and make a positive social and environmental impact on people and our planet. A commitment to environmental stewardship is core to our philosophy, and we believe now is the time to act to stem the threat of climate change. This is why we’ve partnered with one tree planted to support the mission of global reforestation. We also support organic and regenerative farming, all measures that capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.