“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our story is one of merging paths and shared vision; a culmination of a lifelong journey and dedication to the healing power of nature.

Twenty two years into their bold living journey, Slim and Alena Miles took their 50 years of combined experience in the herbal and natural products industry and set out to create premium herbal products they could believe in. While offering potent and therapeutic products, made from clean, sustainably-sourced ingredients, they also had a vision to support positive environmental impacts through reforestation and regenerative agriculture.

At the same time, the team at Grato Holdings and Apotheca, experienced makers of homeopathic and herbal supplements, had a vision to create a “Center for Herbal Excellence.” Grato Holdings is an Employee Owned company that operates multiple brands, several GMP facilities, and has roots in the heartland of Iowa for over 30 years. Grato’s talented team includes many with 20-30 years’ experience in supplement manufacturing, quality control, and sales and marketing.

Slim and Alena planting Pongamia trees in India, which can be used for biofuel.

Shared Vision brings us together at Bold Botanica

Slim and Alena Miles
Co-Founder, James “Slim” Miles, a phytotherapist, natural products formulator, herbal educator, and Ayurvedic wellness consultant, has 30 years’ experience in the natural health field. Slim’s journey began in 1987 when a “mystery” illness ended his military career. When traditional allopathic medicine was unable to help, Slim turned to natural health alternatives to support the restoration of his health. This life changing experience lead to a driven love for natural healing and for helping others. Working as a Manufacturing Operations Manager, developing products for major companies, and advising clients, Slim has worked with over 350 different herbs and created over a thousand custom formulas and natural health products.

As a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, and also a former competitive distance runner (holder of 9 Georgia state titles), Co-Founder Alena Miles has long been a proponent of living a bold and healthy lifestyle. She discovered the wonders of plant medicine in 1996 through her passion for organic farming and has a diverse history in the natural products industry in marketing, organic herb farming, global sourcing, and product development.

Grato Holdings and Apotheca, Inc
Founded in 1987 by pharmacist and naturopath Dr. Jack Hinze, Grato Holdings and Apotheca, Inc, are a family of businesses that have been manufacturing and distributing high quality homeopathic and natural supplements for over 30 years. Based in Iowa, the company was acquired by Jesse Rettig and Kathy Simon in 2005, who after a lifetime of business success, wanted to give back and contribute something positive, heartfelt, and beneficial to others. Their vision brought growth and expansion, consolidation under the Grato Holdings umbrella (Grato means “grateful” in Italian), and the conversion into an Employee Owned ESOP. In 2017, a new state of the art manufacturing facility was opened in Gainesville, GA as the vision to produce the highest quality products and promote health and wellness continues under the capable stewardship of Mike Evans, CEO and Emily Falkena, COO. Proudly employee-owned, the Grato family also includes:


Bold Botanica’s mission is to create premium quality herbal products that support vibrant health and bold living. Our purpose is to inspire people through our love for nature, connect with transparency and integrity, protect the environment, and educate the world on herbalism. Our vision is to create a harmonious relationship with people and our planet and better health for all.

Core Values






Social & Environmental Responsibility

Live Bold

Merging Science and Nature

At Bold Botanica we bring together the best of time tested traditional plant wisdom with the latest scientific research to create premium products for living boldly. We utilize our combined decades of experience in the industry to navigate the complexities of natural ingredients to formulate powerful, effective, bio-available products to support health, energy, performance, and longevity.

Nature’s Power Unleashed

“Nature’s power” is a tribute to the gift of inherent wisdom and healing potential of medicinal plants. The word “Power” implies potency, effectiveness and energy. The key word is “Unleashed.” The healing power of nature is contained in a complex physical and chemical matrix and nature doesn’t come with a blueprint for accessing these gifts.

Truth and Transparency

At Bold Botanica we tell you exactly what is in our products and why. In our “Featured Herb Origin Story” we provide you with details on our sourcing of primary ingredients. We believe in providing our customers all the best information enabling you to make informed decisions about your health and wellbeing — this may include some occasional myth-busting.