Building a Bold Eco-Friendly Gift Basket

Building a Bold Eco-Friendly Gift Basket

The holidays are fast approaching and with so many options, sometimes it can feel very overwhelming to create a unique gift for that someone special.  Here's a great idea - a basket that is filled with goodies that show your love for our planet!  We've taken the hard lifting off of gift searching and compiled a virtual "basket" of eco-friendly and sustainable products that together make a fantastic self-care present.  Your recipient will be able to pamper themselves like royalty while you feel good knowing you're supporting companies doing their part to help our environment.  So let's get to the basket!



Build an eco-friendly care basket for the Holidays - basket filled with eco friendly gift ideas.

1 - Socks that plant trees.  These socks, by Conscious Step, plant 12 trees with every purchase!  They feature compression band around the arch for added support and are 75% certified fair-trade GOTS organic cotton and 23% recycled polyester.  🛒 Shop at


2 - Organic Bamboo Cotton Makeup Removers.  Makeup removers are a must-have in any makeup regime, but many people still use disposable remover pads and wipes.  Show them the earth friendly way - with reusable pads.  Machine washable, these pads are made from 100% bamboo cotton and provide a good facial clean without the need for all the harsh chemicals that are found on traditional pads.  🛒 Shop at


3 - Eco-Friendly Hand Soap.  Finally a soap maker that gets it right!  Blueland provides a glass hand soap jar with first purchase and refills are done with tablets.  When the soap is finished, users can just pop a tablet in the jar, fill with water, and voila, more soap - without all the landfill (or ocean) waste.  Plus the soaps are super clean themselves, without harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, phosphates, get the drift.  🛒 Shop at


4 - Eco-Friendly Organic Soap.  Another soap to add in the basket is a great bar soap from Earth Harbor.  This mineral soap bar has sea salt and Himalayan salt, to provide your skin with additional needed minerals.  It also helps detoxify.  Ingredients are all natural and organic with no fillers.  Made in small batches, this company was founded by a herbalist and toxicologist with sustainability and health in mind.  🛒 Shop at


5 - Sustainably Sourced Loofah.  No spa/care package basket is complete without a loofah and this one is a stand out!  By Etee, the loofahs are sourced from a family owned loofah farm in Guatemala.  A wonderful alternative to plastic exfoliating brushes, loofahs are great for removing dull skin and are easy on the planet.  🛒 Shop at


6 - Refillable Candles.  Notes understands the dilemma of candle-burning eco-warriors everywhere - we love candles but hate just tossing a candle container when the wax is melted.  So they've created a system of refillable candles.  Order the starter kit with candle container and wax, and when it's done, easily remove the wax and refill with their wax beads.  The packaging for the refillable beads is 60% biodegradable!  The wax is also healthy - made from soy, rice bran, and beeswax, it's non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals.  🛒 Shop at


7 - Stress & Sleep Supporting* Ashwagandha.   And of course, if giving relaxation is your goal with this basket, might we suggest our Bold Ashwagandha Plus?  It's ingredients of organic ashwagandha root and leaf, organic holy basil, and organic amla, provide a super concentrated blend to help the body cope with stress and supports mood, energy, and sleep.  Who doesn't want that for the holidays?!  Many ashwagandha products have fillers and only leaf extracts - ours is also sourced from the root as well, making it double concentrated for potency.  🛒 Shop Bold Ashwagandha Plus



We hope you've enjoyed our take on a go-to holiday classic gift basket!  This gift idea is also perfect for any time of year - for anyone needing an extra hug during a special trying season of their life.  Remember - shop with your heart & support Mother Earth!