Eco-Friendly Adventures: Exploring the Outdoors Sustainably

Eco-Friendly Adventures: Exploring the Outdoors Sustainably


It’s sweet summertime!  We’re avid fans of Mother Nature and love taking every opportunity during the warmer months to get outdoors and explore!  Exploring isn’t just good for unplugging, or getting that needed dose of Vitamin D, it’s also just great for your soul.  We all need recharging and if you’re a fan of hiking, exploring, camping, fishing - anything outdoors, you also probably care about keeping Mother Nature healthy and happy.  Many outdoor apparel and equipment companies are using organic, recycled, sustainably sourced materials. Now more than ever, it’s easy to make purchasing decisions to help our environment. So with summer in mind, let’s dive into our favorite eco-friendly outdoors brands and products!  

Sustainably sourced and/or organic clothing:

Here are our favorite brands that are as passionate about the planet as we are.


Patagonia has all the quality outdoor apparel you’ll need - from jackets to sun hats and even infant clothing. However, their commitment to the environment sets them apart from other outdoor brands. They have led the way in sourcing from sustainable or recycled materials. Patagonia first started using exclusively 100% organic cotton in 1996. Later, they also began using recycled cotton, and Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC) cotton. Also, their wetsuits are made entirely from Yulex, a plant-based rubber. Just last year Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, announced that all future profits will be donated to help fight climate changeAt Bold Botanica, we are so inspired by their leadership. 😎


Looking for a comfortable outfit for a day trip? Outerknown is a newer brand founded in 2015, by professional surfer, Kelly Slater that also creates clothes with sustainable materials. 95% of their fiber is from organic or recycled cotton, hemp, or responsible wool. They also support regenerative farming & fair labor practices and offer a program where their customers can buy and sell pre-loved (pre-worn) Outerknown clothing. They are another very driven and active activist brand, a perfect pairing with Patagonia.  


hiking through canyon in arizona

In the shoe world, it’s hard to find great quality footwear that is also made with Mother Earth in mind. Specially fit for rugged terrain, hiking shoes need to handle the elements and last the whole trek.  Luckily Merrell, a leading outdoors footwear company, is leading the charge.  While they’ve come from a very non-sustainable background (like most shoe companies), they have a strong initiative that by 2025, they will only use recyclable, organic, and/or sustainable materials in their products. You can currently shop several designs now that are made with recycled materials on their website such as the Speed Eco, Hydro Moc and Moab series. 

Conscious-minded equipment & gear:

Having an active outdoors lifestyle doesn’t have to be hampered by wasteful products and companies.  Nature enthusiasts have more options than ever to fully equip themselves in ways that minimize their impact on the environment. Here are some more great brands, this time creating gear in a sustainable way: 


Vaude is a German company that specializes in outdoor gear and apparel.  We love the sustainably-sourced tents, bike bags, and even sleeping bags!  Vaude's tents are made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, and are strong enough to endure storms and expeditions to extreme climates. Not only does Vaude use eco-friendly materials, but they also strive to make their production processes more sustainable by utilizing rainwater collection systems and solar panels.  By buying Vaude products, you're making a conscious decision to support a company that prioritizes sustainability, a big win in our book. 


Backpacker looking at a view wearing a sustainably sourced backpack.

If looking for another backpack that is created by sustainable and/or recycled materials, make sure to look at Patagonia’s line or Osprey.  Osprey even takes sourcing to a new level by having all of their materials verified by a 3rd party to ensure all fabrics are indeed from recycled materials.


EcoGear and Uco are both highly invested in helping do their part to get rid of plastics from our landfills and oceans.  Ecogear uses recycled bottles to make their backpacks! Similarly, UCO also uses plastics recycled into polypropylene which is used to make their plastic alternative camping plates and utensils. Uco also provides innovative portable fire pits and lighting solutions for campers.


And finally, how could we talk about outdoor gear without mentioning lake and fishing enthusiasts! You can now be confident hitting the lake isn’t going to be making a negative impact by purchasing kayaks that are made of recyclable plastics!  Two kayaking companies and shaking up the industry by providing high-quality eco-alternatives to the traditional kayak - Osiris Outdoor and Odyssey Innovation. Osiris, made in America, quotes that over 60 lbs of plastic are recycled per product that is produced, and both maintain strict quality testing to adhere to industry safety standards.  Pretty cool. The only thing that we think could make a day on the lake in a recycled kayak better is fishing with a completely recycled lure. For Bold Botanica fans who love fishing, check out Alternative Fishing Lures. This brand takes discarded plastics and recycles them into beautiful fish-catching lures, as well as tackle bags. 

Outdoorsmen rejoice! We can now blend our activism and passion for the planet with living the best life outside.  And with this shopping list of amazing brands and products, we’re ready to hit the trails, campgrounds, and lakes this summer!  No matter where you travel, remember to live it bold and do your part to respect and heal our environment.